Meet Jim Weathersby

Jim WeathersbyJim has been a resident of Atlanta for over 40 years and has been a sports fan since he was a child.  Two of his passions are sports and history.  Jim has worked as an intern with CNN sports in Atlanta and covered sports for KOMU television in Columbia, MO.  He has a master’s in journalism, with an emphasis in sports broadcasting and a master’s in history, with an emphasis in 19th century and 20th century U.S. history.

While Jim says that he has never met a sport he doesn’t like, he states that college football, baseball, lacrosse, and golf are his favorites.  He played football, baseball, and lacrosse in high school and lacrosse in college.

A goal of Jim’s is to one day meet his idol—Keith Jackson, the former college football announcer.   Friends say Jim does a pretty fair imitation of Mr. Jackson.  Another idol of Jim’s was Furman Bisher, the long-time sports writer for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.  Mr. Bisher frequently ended his pieces with the Biblical term “Selah,” meaning pause, and think of that.  His work certainly made people pause and think.

While sports and history are two of Jim’s passions, his greatest passions are his family and God.  These give Jim his perspective on sports—in the grand scheme of life, sports are rather insignificant, but they are so much fun!