CFP Team Facts

CFP Trophy at Ohio State House courtesy of Nheyob

CFP Trophy at Ohio Statehouse courtesy of Nheyob


The 2015 College Football Playoff teams consist of the University of Alabama, Clemson University, Oklahoma University, and Michigan State University; all contain rich football histories. The following contains some facts about each school: first football season, overall record, national championships (Awarded by the Associated Press and/or the designated coaches’ poll at the time. Claimed titles while on probation do not count.), conference titles, consensus All-Americans (players voted first team, second team, or third team by the Associated Press, American Football Coaches Association, Football Writers Association of America, the Sporting News and the Walter Camp Football Foundation), players and coaches in the College Football Hall of Fame, and Heisman Trophy winners.


  1. Alabama

First Season:                                                    1892

Overall Record:                                               858-309-41

National Championships:                                15

Conference Titles:                                           29

Consensus All-Americans:                              57

College Hall of Famers:                                  24

Heisman Trophy Winners:                              2


  1. Clemson

First Season:                                                    1896

Overall Record:                                               702-455-45

National Championships:                                1

Conference Titles:                                           21

Consensus All-Americans:                              27

College Hall of Famers:                                  6

Heisman Trophy Winners:                              0


  1. Oklahoma

First Season:                                                    1895

Overall Record:                                               860-318-53

National Championships:                                7

Conference Titles:                                           45

Consensus All-Americans:                              76

College Hall of Famers:                                  26

Heisman Trophy Winners:                              5


  1. Michigan State

First Season:                                                    1896

Overall Record:                                               681-440-44

National Championships:                                6

Conference Titles:                                           11

Consensus All-Americans:                              31

College Hall of Famers:                                  12

Heisman Trophy Winners:                              0



Make no mistake about it—blood, sweat, and tears will accompany each of the three games. Fierce battles will take place in the trenches. Spectacular plays will be made on both sides of the ball. The coaches will be on edge and quick to anger. The tension will mount with each play as the games progress. Only one team will walk away victorious. Will it be the Crimson Tide, the Tigers, the Sooners, or the Spartans? It’s time. Let the games begin!